Farmers Are The Original Environmentalists. So What Are Governments Trying To Fix? – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

Agriculture. The ten-thousand-year-old industry responsible for feeding 7.8 billion people alive on this planet today. The business that supplies hundreds of billions of gallons of ethanol and diesel fuel, that feeds billions of livestock. The way of life that sustains hundreds of millions of families around the world. The quintessential sustainable business that, for many … Read more

Have Farmers Failed to Tell Their Story? – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

Agriculture is in the news in a major way these days. While just a couple of months ago, the big story in agriculture was mass hunger and even starvation due to Russia’s invasion of exporting powerhouse Ukraine, the story has changed in the last few weeks. While the threat of hunger hasn’t diminished in any … Read more

The Marathon of Growing a Crop Only Ends When the Snow Flies – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

The crop is planted. Time to load up the camper and come back for harvest, right? Not quite. Once upon a time, summer was a much quieter time on the farm. Once the crop was in, there might be a bit of spraying to do to clean up weeds, and there was always the cultivating … Read more

Corporations Aren’t Evil – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

“It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.” How many times have you heard that line in movies, TV shows, books? It’s pretty much the expectation of how businesses will behave: putting profits first and people last. Anytime you see a corporate executive portrayed on a screen, and they’re given the choice between doing the right thing … Read more

Do Farmers Really Need Nitrogen Fertilizer? – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

As we hear more and more about agriculture’s contributions to climate change, a lot of people are wondering why farmers can’t just stop using fertilizer. Some link the need for fertilizer to “industrial” agriculture, or “corporate” farming, or worst of them all, “factory farming”. Many people seem to believe the use of fertilizer strip-mines the … Read more

The Courage to Prevail – How Churchill Gave People Hope (and why we need that now) – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

The night is darkest just before the dawn. I just finished what may be one of my favorite books of all time: The Splendid and the Vile, by Erik Larson. It’s a 503-page book that reads like a fast-paced war/spy thriller novel, centered on Winston Churchill, as he navigates through the blitz on London from … Read more

Why Are Farms Getting So BIG? – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

Hint – it’s not because they’re greedy “factory farms”. The farm I’m involved with got its start many decades ago. My grandparents started farming in another area after marrying, where they lived in two grain bins pushed together. Grandma told me recently that the water leaks may well have been the worst part of that … Read more