Preparing Cattle (& Yourself) For Cold Winter Temperatures

As the wind howls and the mercury drops, people tend to layer on more coats and burrow deeper into their quilts. Unlike humans, cattle don’t have the opportunity to go lay by a fireplace and warm themselves when things get cold. Fortunately, their heavy coats of hair insulate and keep them warm during the chilly … Read more

Build A Winter Greenhouse For Year-Round Growing

With visions of year-round food production, many gardeners stumble upon online resources about the walipini, or pit greenhouse, only to discover they are designed for equatorial geographical locations. If, like me, your romantic visions of year-round fresh greens aren’t stifled by this, then you’ll probably keep searching and discover other options: geodesic domes, heated hoop … Read more

Fall Tasks To Prepare Cattle For Cold Winter Conditions

As leaves begin to fall and nights get cooler, daily management of your cattle herd begin to change and take on new upcoming challenges. During the summer the main concerns included navigating consistent heat and providing plenty of water and shade. Winter, however, requires us to pull on coveralls, break the ice and set up … Read more