How One Portland Organization Uses School Gardens to Plant Seeds of Confidence

In front of Powell Butte Elementary School, on the east side of Portland, Oregon, is a transformed patch of concrete. In a plot no bigger than 20 feet long, there are rosemary bushes planted next to grapes that hang off a curved trellis. A patch with the three sisters (corn, squash and beans) butts up … Read more

Meet the Korean Adoptee Saving Seeds of the East Asian Diaspora

How does the punk kid who wandered New York City become a farmer rooted in California? Talk to Korean-American farmer Kristyn Leach and you’ll find that seeds—most notably, culturally important heirlooms—will do it. Out in Winters, California, Leach works her Namu Farm by hand while accompanied by her toddler and dog. When she shares seed-saving … Read more

How Saving Seeds Is Helping This Modern Farmer Reconnect With Her Roots

When Tiffany Traverse thinks about growing and eating the same food that her ancestors ate, she gets excited. “I want others to feel that way, too! We should all be able to feel that connection to place and food,” says the Indigenous farmer. Traverse and her husband own and operate Fourth Sister Farm, a small … Read more

Meet the Modern Farmer Saving Turkey’s Heirloom Seeds | Agriculture and Farming Forum – AG machinery and technology

When Mehmet Öztan moved to the US in 2006, he never imagined he’d one day become a seed farmer in West Virginia or that he would become the caretaker of one of the largest collections of Turkish seeds in the country. Öztan originally came to the United States to pursue a PhD in civil engineering … Read more