Check Out The Hobby Farms Podcast, Growing Good!

The holiday season is right around the corner. Whether you’re planning expansive meals, hunting for holiday decorations or fixing up the farm and home for visits from family and friends, you’ve no doubt got some big plans ahead for the season. And you know what’s great to help pass the time while testing string lights … Read more

Build A Winter Greenhouse For Year-Round Growing

With visions of year-round food production, many gardeners stumble upon online resources about the walipini, or pit greenhouse, only to discover they are designed for equatorial geographical locations. If, like me, your romantic visions of year-round fresh greens aren’t stifled by this, then you’ll probably keep searching and discover other options: geodesic domes, heated hoop … Read more

Growing Resistance: How Black-Led Organizations Are Feeding Louisville

LeTicia Marshall’s backyard is filled with raised beds. Her front yard contains no less than three greenhouses and her side yard would be home to more crops if she didn’t require room for her kids to play. Compared to the spacious rural farm she grew up on, Marshall’s growing operation is small, and limited to … Read more

The Marathon of Growing a Crop Only Ends When the Snow Flies – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

The crop is planted. Time to load up the camper and come back for harvest, right? Not quite. Once upon a time, summer was a much quieter time on the farm. Once the crop was in, there might be a bit of spraying to do to clean up weeds, and there was always the cultivating … Read more

I Failed at Growing Food for Humans, So I Grew It for the Bees Instead

My decision to grow native flowers to support local pollinators might smack of self-righteous ecological do-good-erism. But the truth is, it was born of bad luck and incompetence. Operating under the misconception that any urban apartment dweller could conjure up something to eat in a patch of outdoors and wild with optimism, several springs ago, … Read more