Farms Grapple With How to Maintain Pandemic Agritourism Boom

There’s an Apple Trail in Sonoma County and a Cranberry Highway in Wisconsin. You can walk along the Wildflower Hike in Oregon or amble across the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. Each of these adventures falls under the banner of agritourism, involving activities that bring the general public to farms or ranches. It might seem frivolous … Read more

Vineyards Grapple With How to Best Keep Their Workers Safe

Shannon Donnell remembers a time, just five years ago, when she didn’t see a wildfire break out until late November—well after wine grapes in Sonoma County, California had been fully harvested. Now, Donnell says that wildfires start up right at the beginning of harvest season, typically at the tail end of August, when vineyard workers … Read more