Farmers Are The Original Environmentalists. So What Are Governments Trying To Fix? – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

Agriculture. The ten-thousand-year-old industry responsible for feeding 7.8 billion people alive on this planet today. The business that supplies hundreds of billions of gallons of ethanol and diesel fuel, that feeds billions of livestock. The way of life that sustains hundreds of millions of families around the world. The quintessential sustainable business that, for many … Read more

Have Farmers Failed to Tell Their Story? – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

Agriculture is in the news in a major way these days. While just a couple of months ago, the big story in agriculture was mass hunger and even starvation due to Russia’s invasion of exporting powerhouse Ukraine, the story has changed in the last few weeks. While the threat of hunger hasn’t diminished in any … Read more

In New Book, Relationship Between US Dairy Farmers and Mexican Workers Laid Bare

Since 2003, the US has lost about half of its licensed dairy farms. However, the number of cows producing milk has stayed relatively steady. Take Wisconsin, for example. In 2004, the state was home to less than 16,000 dairy farms. In 2021, that number dropped in half, to less than 7,000 farms. But the number … Read more

The Oyster Farmers Working to Address Aquaculture’s Big Plastics Problem

Biting into a fresh, raw oyster is like kissing the sea. You taste the salt water, and can almost feel the ocean breeze. Each oyster is unique, distinct, and a direct result of where and how it grows, and who grows it. But until recently, not much thought was given to the impact of the … Read more

The Gay Rancher Creating Community for Queer Farmers, One Social Media Post at a Time

Ryan Goodman understands the weight that words can carry. Hes seen how thoughtful conversations can make a positive impact in a world he feels has become increasingly polarized. Goodman, who raises cattle in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains with his partner Aaron, is part of the LGBTQ+ community. And he’s long felt there needs to be … Read more

How High-Pressure Processing Is Helping Remote Farmers Bring Fresher Foods to Market

Humans have invented myriad ways to make the most out of an abundant harvest. Pickling, drying and canning are effective in killing microbes and stretching expiration dates, although each has its limits to capturing the goodness of ripe, just-picked produce. But, recently, a cool sterilization method is pumping out a new category of freshly preserved … Read more

Do Farmers Really Need Nitrogen Fertilizer? – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

As we hear more and more about agriculture’s contributions to climate change, a lot of people are wondering why farmers can’t just stop using fertilizer. Some link the need for fertilizer to “industrial” agriculture, or “corporate” farming, or worst of them all, “factory farming”. Many people seem to believe the use of fertilizer strip-mines the … Read more

Opinion: Raising Cattle on Native Grasses Benefits Farmers, Wildlife and the Soil

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Early on a cool June morning, heavy dew lies on the grass of rolling farm country somewhere in Tennessee, Missouri or Pennsylvania. Small patches of fog hang in low lying pockets of these fields. At the distance, hardworking farmers … Read more

Don’t Tell Farmers How To Farm – Ask Them Instead – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

I recently attended a virtual conference, hosted by CityAge, called “Farming for the Future”. This digital event included discussions around regenerative agriculture, soil health, farming practices that reduce carbon emissions, and so on. Truth be told, it was an interesting and well-organized event, with many of the speakers and panelists taking thoughtful positions on the … Read more