Up and Down the East Coast, Farmers Work to Rebuild After Hurricanes

When Hurricane Fiona touched down on Canada’s Prince Edward Island in the early morning hours of September 24, Gordon MacBeath was as prepared as he could be. His 250 head of cattle were tucked inside the boarded-up barn and he had diesel generators on standby. The dairy farmer and his family, who run Goldenflo Holsteins … Read more

Meet the Korean Adoptee Saving Seeds of the East Asian Diaspora

How does the punk kid who wandered New York City become a farmer rooted in California? Talk to Korean-American farmer Kristyn Leach and you’ll find that seeds—most notably, culturally important heirlooms—will do it. Out in Winters, California, Leach works her Namu Farm by hand while accompanied by her toddler and dog. When she shares seed-saving … Read more