JD 318,322,332,420,430 Steering Control Valve Leak, Rebuild Tips Tricks

…Continued Pt 3 Another close up pic of the crowfoot wrench tightening a hydro line. In my experience, this is far superior to using a std wrench. Now with all of the lines attached, it’s time to install the last two of four nuts to retain the valve body in place. If you didn’t first … Read more

How To Control Bugs On & Around Your Chickens

Flies can be a headache any place livestock and poultry abound, but even the smallest urban henhouses attract flies. Sometimes lesser species such as stable flies, blow flies or soldier flies take up residence in poultry yards. But major nuisance bugs found most everywhere chickens reside is the common housefly (Musca domestica). About Houseflies Adult … Read more

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