Climate Change is Not the Apocalypse – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

The world looks awfully bleak these days. A pandemic, war, the potential for famine on a colossal scale. Rampant inflation, expensive energy, a climate emergency, a world that seems divided like never before. Everywhere you look, it just seems like things are getting worse. But are they really? “If it bleeds, it leads,” so says … Read more

How Climate Change Is Affecting Soil Microbiomes

Most creatures used to illustrate the tragedy of climate change are the familiar variety: Polar bears. Monarch butterflies. sea ​​turtle Our soil, however, is often overlooked—it’s teeming with billions of microscopic organisms that comprise the most biodiversity environment on earth. Like all living things, they’re affected by climate change, too. There’s a fact that frequently … Read more