Make DIY Chicken Treats For A Happy, Healthy Flock

Giving chicken treats to your flock has so many benefits. It keeps your ladies from being bored, and a variation in their diet will boost your birds’ overall health and happiness. Chickens are omnivorous, meaning that they eat plants and meat. Here, I’ll cover 15 DIY chicken treats for your flock that encompasses their natural … Read more

Some Chicken Behavior Can Be Downright Wacky!

Hens can have extremely goofy chicken behavior and do some of the wackiest things. This is probably part of the appeal of backyard flocks! If you’ve ever wondered if your chicken’s wacky behavior was normal or there’s something wrong with it, you’re probably not alone. New chicken-keepers may be especially confused by some of the … Read more

Chicken Fungal Infection | Fungal Diseases in Poultry

As poultry keepers we know that, despite our best attempts at biosecurity and no matter how we keep our coops carefully, occasionally something will evade our efforts and affect our flocks. A sweltering, high-heat day may induce deadly heat stress. Or bacteria unintentionally carried in from a visitor’s farmyard can cause life-threatening contagion. The predatory … Read more

What Should You Do After An Unexpected Chicken Death?

A few weeks ago, Bella—a local relatively new to chicken keeping—messaged me, hoping for some guidance. One of her quartet of backyard hens became lethargic the previous day and died within hours. Bella was extremely worried that her remaining girls would suffer the same fate. What should she do? When a chicken suddenly dies, especially … Read more