Dexter Cattle Pack Value Into A Compact Frame

There’s a quiet revolution happening in American food production. Farmers, from across many different regions and backgrounds, are growing their own food. In backyard homesteads, at small-acreage farms and even on larger sized properties, Independent minded people are reimagining the process of food production. Some only produce food for their families and friends. Others enter … Read more

Raising Beef: Advice From An Experienced Cattle Farmer

Glenn Wagner’s farm has adjoined my family’s for decades. His father, Jack, raised beef cattle. But Glenn’s inspiration to farm came from something outside of agriculture. “I started back in high school when I needed some money to take those girls out,” he says, with a laugh. “I can’t remember when I didn’t farm.” Wagner’s … Read more

Opinion: Raising Cattle on Native Grasses Benefits Farmers, Wildlife and the Soil

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Early on a cool June morning, heavy dew lies on the grass of rolling farm country somewhere in Tennessee, Missouri or Pennsylvania. Small patches of fog hang in low lying pockets of these fields. At the distance, hardworking farmers … Read more