The CEO Who Wants Us to Care More About the Humanity Behind Our Food

At first glance, the offerings from the Washington, DC-based soup company Supergirl seem pretty straightforward. The company specializes in vegan and kosher soup and gazpacho, as well as soup toppers that customers can mix and match. There’s the classic tomato soup, a beet gazpacho available in a portable container and even vegan “cheesy” croutons. Sara … Read more

Growing Resistance: How Black-Led Organizations Are Feeding Louisville

LeTicia Marshall’s backyard is filled with raised beds. Her front yard contains no less than three greenhouses and her side yard would be home to more crops if she didn’t require room for her kids to play. Compared to the spacious rural farm she grew up on, Marshall’s growing operation is small, and limited to … Read more

What Should You Do After An Unexpected Chicken Death?

A few weeks ago, Bella—a local relatively new to chicken keeping—messaged me, hoping for some guidance. One of her quartet of backyard hens became lethargic the previous day and died within hours. Bella was extremely worried that her remaining girls would suffer the same fate. What should she do? When a chicken suddenly dies, especially … Read more

The Story of the Long-Forgotten Jenny Lind Melon

If you ask people in other parts of the US what comes to mind when they think of New Jersey, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will reply with “agriculture.” Instead, they may respond with some misplaced trope about mobsters, stripmalls, the Jersey Shore or (if we’re lucky) Bruce Springsteen. However, any self-respecting New Jerseyan would … Read more

Christmas In July Week: 17 Tree Decorating Ideas

We are celebrating Christmas in July this week. Here are 17 creative and outside-the-box decorating ideas for Christmas trees. These tree ideas decorating are perfect for all the Christmas decorating ideas that are just around the corner. Celebrate Christmas in July by starting your Christmas decorating planning now and pin them for later. Did you … Read more

Opinion: The Dangers of Big Data Extend to Agriculture

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Most internet users are by now aware of the vulnerability of their personal data. When the news broke that tech companies misuse and manipulate our personal data, there was a widespread “techlash” against the corporate giants Facebook, Amazon and … Read more