Check Out The Hobby Farms Podcast, Growing Good!

The holiday season is right around the corner. Whether you’re planning expansive meals, hunting for holiday decorations or fixing up the farm and home for visits from family and friends, you’ve no doubt got some big plans ahead for the season. And you know what’s great to help pass the time while testing string lights … Read more

These garden veggies are root cellar rock stars

FIrst-rate vegetable storage begins with the soil, as root cellar storability is influenced by growing conditions. Root vegetables grown in soil with an excess of nitrogen will have watery growth and store poorly. Excess watering and watering near harvest time will lead to the same undesirable results. Conversely, an abundance of organic matter (and particularly … Read more

Build A Winter Greenhouse For Year-Round Growing

With visions of year-round food production, many gardeners stumble upon online resources about the walipini, or pit greenhouse, only to discover they are designed for equatorial geographical locations. If, like me, your romantic visions of year-round fresh greens aren’t stifled by this, then you’ll probably keep searching and discover other options: geodesic domes, heated hoop … Read more

Climate Change is Not the Apocalypse – A Year in the Life of a Farmer

The world looks awfully bleak these days. A pandemic, war, the potential for famine on a colossal scale. Rampant inflation, expensive energy, a climate emergency, a world that seems divided like never before. Everywhere you look, it just seems like things are getting worse. But are they really? “If it bleeds, it leads,” so says … Read more

SCF Organic Farms – Shaheed Harris

Click below to hear Shaheed Harris tell the story of Sumpter Cooperative Farm in his own words. SCF founders, Fatiyyah and Azeez Mustafa Based in Sumter, South Carolina, Sumpter Cooperative Farms (SCF) is a cooperative of organic farmers founded by Azeez and Fathiyyah Mustafa who, in 2003, became the first certified organic farmers in … Read more

Bees Are Starving After Extreme Weather Events

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. The extreme weather that has battered much of the US in 2022 doesn’t just affect humans. Heat waves, wildfires, droughts and storms also Many wild species–including some that already face other stresses. I’ve been researching bee health for more … Read more

5 Fresh Foods To Dry In The Dehydrator

DehYdrating, or drying, requires a simple process that preserves a surplus of fresh foods for use when those ingredients are long out of season. It has been a common method of preserving throughout history. Today, though, it’s more often associated with making snacks. Whether you want to make your family healthier, homemade fruit leather or … Read more

Turn Your Backyard Into a Snack Yard With Edible Landscapes

Daniel Mobley was one of the many people laid off from their job at the beginning of the pandemic. No longer a recreation director, Mobley was in need of a hobby to help fill his newfound free time. He found inspiration in his backyard garden. The Atlanta resident embraced the challenge of turning his suburban … Read more