Kubota T2290 consideration. Appreciate all reviews/Opinions

I own a construction company and have a kubota excavator that works very well and the price point was good compared to other brands. The dealership is great. So I’m considering a T2290 with a 48” fab deck mulching kit and bagger for my 1acre home lot. I live on a hill so a good hydro is desired. I Anyway. It’s time to upgrade. My other tractor I have thought about was a Husqvarna ts348
But Im leaning toward the kubota

The machine that is being replaced, a 1987 John Deere 160 with 38″ mowing deck. Price UKN, it has been on the job for 33 Years!

Chassis- C-Channel
(Best I could find)

Vehicle Machine Soil Construction equipment Agricultural machinery

1987 John Deere 160;

1) Motor- 12.5HP Kawasaki FB460V.
2) Transaxle- Peerless (Manual/Gear 801-031A-B)

Auto part Tool accessory

Peerless 800/801 series transaxles had ball bearings or needle bearings on the axles versus the aluminum case for support (as in most popular Tuff Torq K46 or the MST in today’s lawn tractors). Though this transaxle is very strong, it was not rated for ground engagement use as the 820. If it were to be in a category, unofficial might be at the top of YT/LGT with 3/4″ axles, still stronger than Tuff Torq K46, K57 in today’s LT.

This transaxle is fully serviceable with plenty of factory supporting literature and full DIY PDF’s with all specs. This transaxle can still be purchased new with full warranty. Also used on Simplicity.

Note on manual transaxle versus Hydrostatic and HP. Hydrostatic transaxles are typically 3-6hp of actual power transmission to the ground depending on model and internal hydraulic motor. The manual will deliver more direct HP to the ground. Actual power applied to the ground in this tractor has been more than the new high HP models being looked at because of this difference, I wouldn’t get hung up on HP.

3) Dimensions-
Wheelbase- 44.7″
Width- 39.3″
Total Length- 65″

4) Weight- 470lbs

5) Wheel/Tire size
Front- 15X6-6
Rear- 18X8.5-8

6) Mower Deck- 38″ (2-Blade)

Let’s see how the competition as it is being considered stacks up to your 33 year old lawn tractor by John Deere.

The Husqvarna TS348, (MSRP-$3,599.99)

Land vehicle Vehicle Riding mower Motor vehicle Tractor

Chassis, 12 gauge, 24lb, stamped steel, pan style chassis,

Automotive exterior Bumper Table Vehicle Auto part

1) Motor- Kawasaki FR730V 24HP
2) Transaxle- Tuff Torq K66AG (Internal ID with Husqvarna K66ELD), Electronically actuated Differential Lock, 1″ Axles, Fully Serviceable IHT, though Husqvarna won’t allow you to service it without voiding your warranty. (consult Tuff Torq for service schedule , I do have official PDF’s for the asking). Steel cut gears, rated by Tuff Torq for Ground Engagement Use. 697lbs static weight on axles, 10cc pump/10cc motor.

Auto part Automotive engine part Engine Transmission part Differential

3) Dimensions-
Wheelbase- 48″
Width- 48.7″
Total Length- 71.3″

4) Weight- 635lbs

5) Wheel/Tire size
Front- 16.5X6.5-8
Rear- 23X10.5-12

6) Mower Deck- 48″ Fabricated Deck (3-blade)


The Kabota T2290 with 48″ fabricated deck, MSRP $5,169.00

Land vehicle Vehicle Riding mower Lawn Mower

Chassis, Welded, with tube reinforcement,

Automotive exterior Product Bumper Motor Vehicle Vehicle

1) Motor- Kawasaki FR651V 21.5 HP
2) Transaxle- Hydro Gear G730. Fully Serviceable Transaxle with auto style external spin-on oil filter. 1″ Axles, 700lbs static weight on axles, 10cc pump/ 16cc motor. Specs for the G730 and K66 are close.

Auto part Automotive engine part Engine Transmission part Tool accessory

3) Dimensions-
Wheelbase- 51″
Width- 60.6″
Total Length- 75.2″
4) Weight- 660lbs

5) Wheel/Tire size
Front- 16X6.0-8
Rear- 22X10.0-10

6) Mower Deck- 48″ Fabricated Deck (3-Blade)

The Deere you own has served you well, you got your money’s worth. I doubt very much that the Husqvarna will be around in 33 years, and there is a question as to the TS348XD still being offered. Maybe a Dealer can confirm?

I believe Kubota has been building and marketing their lawn tractors primarily to their loyal customer base. A happy customer that has a heavy Kabota machine of some kind, looking for a lawn tractor for around the house, seems to do what you are doing. If you are happy with your Kubota Dealer, I would suggest that you stay with them, hard to beat.

Husqvarna will provide a lawn tractor (not Garden Tractor) package that is cheap, and for 5-10 years will be fine for grass. Here are the issues;

ask yourself this question,

Of all the manufacturers of lawn tractors, which brands offer the most available information on their product?

The most content or detailed? the easiest to find complete specifications?

If you find details hidden with some Brands, ask why would they hide this?

The most available resources for owners to maintain their product?

The most upfront information? Which brands engage in the most deceitful advertising?

If a tractor has an engineered “serviceable” transaxle, which brand tries to keep the customer from having service done, or kept the customer from having reasonable access to service the transaxle?

Which brand has the most warranty detail?

Of all the Brands, which warranty is sufficient on its own to cover the whole machine?

Which Brand/ Brands have to offer an extended paid coverage in order to compete? Is the paid extended coverage warrantied by the Brand or a separate 3rd party?

Which brand/ Brands offer the best parts support?

Which brands offer the longest support for parts availability?

Of all the Brands, which Brands have the most value after 5 or 10 years? Do owners tend to keep them past their warranty periods?

$1,500 as the difference between the Husqvarna and the Kubota is a lot of money, since Husqvarna leaves all their warranty decisions to their Dealers, if you had a problem, how well do you know your Husqvarna Dealer?

Kubota markets something they engineered to do what they claim it can do, plus justify the price tag as the cost of a well supported/ built product setting a standard such as John Deere, and Simplicity.

Husqvarna markets a product as “something for less”. They are not setting any standards to follow in construction, quality, capability, or manufacturer support.

The market for Riding Lawn Tractors is getting expensive, and when the budget is tight, the Husqvarna looks like a real bargain. As long as the consumer knows what they are buying, it can be.

One last consideration, the Husqvarna installs a Tuff Torq K66 that is engineered to be fully serviceable with an official maintenance schedule, why would Husqvarna void your warranty if you follow the official maintenance schedule? I would think it would be a win for Husqvarna to support owners properly maintaining their transaxle? Hydro Gear and Kubota do support their customers properly maintaining their transaxle. (include Simplicity, John Deere, and Cub Cadet supporting their customers too).

I wish you the best in your search, if I can give you info or proof, don’t hesitate to ask, glad to help.


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