I saw this today, Husqvarna won’t call their TS a GT, hmmm

Re “customer service” comment. We think that there are Husqvarna, people with their firm’s reputation at heart. Instead, customer service has become just a hired out cube farm of people looking to move their email in box to someone else, or close the ticket fast. This is how CS is rated. By the number of closed tickets and the duration. Your satisfaction likely has nothing to do with it. This is sad but seems to be the norm.

Wow, well said.

In fact, these answers are great!

Tudor, you get it!

Ariens93GT20, A Captain Obvious moment, Right?

ggsteve, you said,

“Just because in this well crafted answer the rep didn’t mention that the TS model is a GT doesn’t mean they won’t if it were pertinent to the answer.”

So if the question is pertinent to Garden Tractors, you are suggesting that Husqvarna will call the TS354D a Garden Tractor?

This is where I keep my word, my promise, and persistence.

I’m not so sure, The question had been raised, so I made the effort to document an attempt at getting a straight answer to a pertinent Garden Tractor question. This is what happened in the thread, “Will Husqvarna warranty use other than cutting grass for GT/ TS?” on The Official site for Husqvarna at the time. By the way Husqvarna later, sent emails out that the official Answer Army Site for Husqvarna was being shut down. It’s still archived, along with other warranty bent, buckled, cracked frame issues.

I asked a simple question, they refused to answer ultimately, but deflected at first answering me with, “it’s in our warranty”. It’s not. If it is, then it’s worse for Husqvarna.

Take a look at that conversation attempt as documented in the thread.

You also said,

“You seem to have an agenda about Husqvarna.”

If by agenda you mean, I’m keeping my word to warn and help people, how Husqvarna miss-represents their Garden Tractors, then I accept. I do offer solutions for people that want more out of their GT/ TS.

Husqvarna has an agenda to “abuse their customers”rather than honoring their warranty, they use miss-leading information to induce sales in a tractor that does not meet the industry standard for Garden Tractor.

You further said,

“Fortunately, we have many choices of brands and models to choose from, hopefully enough to please everyone.”

We completely agree at face value here. But,

If your Authorized Husqvarna Dealer, including Husqvarna Corporate, sell you a Garden Tractor with literature and sales aids to support promises of capability with specific implements discussed, offering further credibility through a warranty used to induce the sale, and it ends up being “smoke and mirrors” in the end, then it wasn’t a choice. Simply put,

If you say your tractor is designed strong enough to have a snow blower attached to the front, then it should be strong enough to have a snow blower attached. For the purist’s If you authorize through direct recommendation a specific implement, even sell it, and back up Husqvarna assurances with a warranty, then it is reasonable for a customer to think or believe the tractor is “capable”.

Husqvarna likes to blame the customer, deflect, use public shame, then finally just ignore, but you won’t get an honest response from them. When Companies believe themselves to be so big that they don’t have to be accountable for their actions, it’s time to warn, and hopefully they will clean up their act…. It could be a great value with honest representation.

From another perspective,

If I were able to write a check to the Husqvarna Dealer for $3,700 on a new TS354D, as an example, with the promise that the money was there, backing it up with very credible local sources that my Dealer knew, and a call to the bank with my bank assuring my Dealer, the check is good, and I pull a quick slip of funds while the new tractor was Delivered so I knowingly let the check go bouncy, bounce, Some people would actually say,

That’s on the Dealer, ignoring all the credentials of local trust, or minimizing it. Regardless of the opinions, of who is right, or who is wrong……There’s one truth that will prevail,……A local arrest for writing a bad check, and you will have to answer for, or be held accountable for your crime, and you should be…..

Why should Husqvarna get a pass?

And finally, Steve Urquell,

I too agreed with the rep Steve, in this instance he represented the product well, appropriately. It’s rare, but it happens from time to time.

I do take exception for the lack of consideration on the customers behalf by recommending a tractor that can’t be purchased at this time.

Can you find any evidence that the Hydra-Gear G730 is rated from Hydra-Gear as being rated for “ground engagement work” like Tuff Torq K66?

On the ad you linked……Yep, a Riding Lawn Tractor.

As an example, can you find on Simplicity’s web page where they call their Prestige or Legacy a “Riding Lawn Tractor”?

Simplicity gives a choice up front, “Garden Tractors” & “Lawn Tractors”. They don’t mix the two classifications. If you look at the Prestige. Do they represent the tractor appropriately? Would you think it’s “capable” of reliably performing as Simplicity represents?

Let’s look at it from another angle,

Does John Deere specifically identify which class of tractors are “capable” of attaching and using implements (HDGT= Heavy Duty Garden Tractor)?

Husqvarna does indicate what tractors specifically their implements are for,

“All Husqvarna Tractors”. Really? So let’s see a few examples of what would normally be considered Garden Tractor attachments, to be used on a tractor rated for “ground engagement work”.

Notice its for lawn tractors with 22″ or 23″ wheels as the only qualification for attachments that are “ground engaging”? Any Husqvarna lawn tractors with a 22″ wheel and no-K66?

Or for the owner of a LT (lawn tractor) that needs to improve his traction with ground engaging attachments, 62lbs wheel weights driven by the very “heavy Duty” K46!!!!!! Right, the K46 is not rated anywhere near ground engagement capable, and has a 3/4″ axle with much smaller weight limitations.

The front scoop that fits “all 2006 and all newer model year Husqvarna tractors”?????? Husqvarna makes it too easy for this.

This is a great example of miss-representation…. “fits all tex-style tractor frames (2006 and newer). Husqvarna calls their 26lbs, 12gauge, pressed steel, pan style chassis commonly used now on their GT/ TS a tex -style chassis.

So if you own a 2006 YT1942T #96043000300 Then this Snowblower is for you!

This ground engagement blade is also for “all Husqvarna tractors”. Again think K46 here. The irony is that if it were used on the channel weld-ment chassis, common on Husqvarna YT’s with K46 , the YT structurally, would be strong enough verses the TS.


Beware of Husqvarna Garden Tractors!


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