Autumn Is For Apples At Oren Wooden’s Apple House

The Wooden family of Oren Wooden’s Apple House near Pikeville, Tennesse, could teach a master class on expanding your productive season through direct farm sales. Many decades ago (over seven to be exact), Wooden’s apple orchard took root. The decision to plant apple trees seemed a natural fit for Henry and Orene Wooden. The couple … Read more

Protect Your Chickens Against These Common Predators

The benefits of free-ranging a flock are vast and varied, with the overall outcome that birds kept outdoors 24/7—or at least for most of the day—are more active and healthier than their coop-kept counterparts. If you choose to completely free-range your fowl, they must have the ability to shelter under structures. Chickens without access to … Read more

Meet the Midwestern Bakers and Farmers Working to Rebuild a Local Grainshed

Buckwheat chocolate croissants at Publican Quality Breadloaves of sunflower rye and limpa bread at Lost Larsonsourdough muffins, cookies and seeded sourdough breads at Floriole and pie crusts and biscuits at Baker Miller are just a few delicious examples of locally grown and stone milled grains now prevalent in Chicago. These pioneering bakers, who believed in … Read more

What’s In a (Food) Name?

French marketing and advertising executives have their work cut out for them. As of this month, France is the first European country to ban words such as “steak,” “sausage” and “bacon” when describing vegan or plant-based alternatives. (However, the word “burger” is still allowed under French law.) The law states that “products that do not … Read more

Can Your Pumpkin For On-Demand, Anytime Pie Puree

I was ecstatic the first time we grew pumpkins. My kids anxiously awaited their homegrown jack-o’-lanterns while I eagerly envisioned homemade pumpkin pies. Pie pumpkins, jacks, miniatures and even Cinderellas sprawled across our too-small garden that year. Our family was surprised at the sheer quantity of pumpkins a tiny patch can provide! In the years … Read more

You Can Extend Your Hens’ Laying Season—Here’s How

Your chickens give you plenty of enjoyment. They’re fun and interesting to watch. They help keep your weeds and insect population controlled. And they provide that touch of rustic charm to your property. But come on. The real reason you host those hens can be summed up in a few words: scrambled, poached, over-easy, sunny-side … Read more