Donkeys Make Great Small-Farm Livestock Guardians

The 120-acre ranch in Red River County, Texas, was an appealing change when Gary Wallace retired after 47 years of teaching and began raising cattle. Unfortunately, the coyotes viewed his calves as a convenient food source. When Wallace contacted his local extension office, the county agent said the federal government could train ranch owners to … Read more

Raise Sheep On Small Farms For Economical Meat

Sheep are the perfect source of red meat for beginning homesteaders. Besides being a safer animal to interact with, their small size makes them manageable and more sustainable on small farms. As a bonus, their meat is known for its tenderness and delicate flavor that is somewhat similar to beef. However, sheep are also known … Read more

Farms Grapple With How to Maintain Pandemic Agritourism Boom

There’s an Apple Trail in Sonoma County and a Cranberry Highway in Wisconsin. You can walk along the Wildflower Hike in Oregon or amble across the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. Each of these adventures falls under the banner of agritourism, involving activities that bring the general public to farms or ranches. It might seem frivolous … Read more

How One Portland Organization Uses School Gardens to Plant Seeds of Confidence

In front of Powell Butte Elementary School, on the east side of Portland, Oregon, is a transformed patch of concrete. In a plot no bigger than 20 feet long, there are rosemary bushes planted next to grapes that hang off a curved trellis. A patch with the three sisters (corn, squash and beans) butts up … Read more

The Perilous State of School Lunches

A new political battleground was drawn this summer in an unlikely place: the school cafeteria. During the COVID-19 pandemic, funds from the American Rescue Plan Act made universal free lunch accessible in schools across the country. Rather than having to fill out applications or prove income levels, all kids were able to get free lunches—and … Read more

Recipe: Bake Homemade, 100% Whole-Wheat Bread

Consuming too many highly processed foods (such as white bread) has been blamed for an increased incidence of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancers. Conversely, unrefined foods have been documented as being beneficial for our health. Knowing this, we set out to make a great, homemade, 100-percent whole-wheat bread. We quickly learned that can be … Read more

Rotational Grazing Works At Spring Valley Stock Farms

What happens when you start with 100 acres of row-cropped, played-out, nutrient-stripped farmland and don’t have a lot of money for projects and improvements? Well, for folks with a deep-rooted love of farming, a never-say-die determination and a mutual commitment to regenerative land practices such as rotational grazing, the answer could look a lot like … Read more

Dexter Cattle Pack Value Into A Compact Frame

There’s a quiet revolution happening in American food production. Farmers, from across many different regions and backgrounds, are growing their own food. In backyard homesteads, at small-acreage farms and even on larger sized properties, Independent minded people are reimagining the process of food production. Some only produce food for their families and friends. Others enter … Read more