21 Simple Outdoor Summer Decorating Ideas

Looking for outdoor summer decorating ideas? Here are some simple ways to add color and summer style to your outdoor spaces.

outdoor summer decorating ideas

Just between us?

Have you ever noticed when I write that there’s a whole lot of “we” going on around here? As in “we” painted the porch and “we” painted a copper roof and “we” added new landscaping and “we” completely redid the back patio and “we” added new house numbers.


In complete and honest transparency? “We” is divided up into two GIANT responsibilities.

There’s the“we” part that does the actual work.

And the “we” part that thinks up all the projects and supervises.

I’ll let you guess which part I am. 🙂

But now?

When it comes to decorating? The roles kind of reverse.

There’s the “we” part that does the decorating.

And the other “we”? They get to sit under an umbrella with the sun setting in the background and relax with lemonade and a snack.

As well they should.

They’ve had a hard week of work.

Here are just a few outdoor summer decorating ideas for the porch from us. 🙂


Porch Decorating Idea 1: paint concrete

There are three entrances to our home.

This is one of them.

It’s the one that we use the most, but it’s the least cutest one of all.

At least it was the least cutest.

Until we took a simple concrete porch and transformed it on a dime with a little bit of paint.

You can see the entire DIY here.

Porch Decorating Idea 2: paint brick

Are you noticing a theme here?

Instead of replacing stuff?

We (there I go again) just paint it.

Wait until you see the before and after of this brick porch.

Just a little paint made SUCH A DIFFERENCE.

You can see the entire DIY here.

outdoor summer ideas bench

Porch Decorating Idea 3: Add a bench

I know this seems super simple.

But trust me—if you have a kind of random area on your porch that you don’t know what to do with it?

Add a bench.

You can add cushions and pillows for a little bit of color.

And it’s the perfect place to store packages and other items you need to take out or bring in.

Porch Decorating Idea 4: Add planters

I have planters all over the place, including these planters by the back door.

They’re filled with hydrangeas that bring in color to the back porch.

Planters come in tons of different sizes and shapes, but I like planters with a little bit of height like these.

Porch Decorating Idea 5: Add lanterns

This is one of my favorite things to add to a porch after planters and rugs.

They just add a little character and texture to the porch.

And they are so easy to tuck in amongst the flowers.

Porch Decorating Idea 6: Add a swing


I’m from Texas.

The land of the porch swing.

If you are looking for a fun way to encourage people to visit?

Add a porch swing.

Oh—and some sweet tea to go with it.

But wait.

I forgot one more part of the “we.”


He helped us add this vintage dog door knocker to the back door (outdoor summer decorating idea number seven).

The faithful helper that watches over every project who never leaves our side and is always ready for a tail wag of approval.

I couldn’t imagine a project without him. 🙂

And now?

Here are some more porch decorating ideas from some of my favorite friends

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