In Awe of the Pawpaw

One of my favorite parts of working as a bartender is introducing people to new flavors and ingredients. Sometimes, these come in the form of a spirit, beer or wine. Other times, it’s a cocktail. The most exciting, for guests and staff alike, are local ingredients foraged from the wilds of southern New Jersey (where … Read more

Consider These Several Types Of Beehives

From the type of honeybees you choose to the number of beehives you manage—and how you choose to manage them—there is seemingly endless variability in beekeeping. For new and expanding beekeepers, deciding which kind of beehive to use is yet another variable in play. Your beekeeping goals, local climate and budget are a few factors … Read more

Spice Things Up With A Selection Of Culinary Spices!

It’s easy to fall into that predictable culinary routine of relying on salt and pepper to season everything—branching out, maybe, into garlic powder or oregano if we’re feeling especially adventurous. But there’s a lot more to spices than just salt and pepper, and a well-stocked spice rack is an essential component of any pantry. An … Read more

Orange Is The New Carrot (Excerpt: “The Seed Detective”)

The following excerpt is from Adam Alexander’s book The Seed Detective (Chelsea Green Publishing, Sept 22, 2022: Pre-order here) and is reprinted with permission from the publisher. courtesy of Chelsea Green It’s All About the Color We have the Arabs to thank for introducing today’s carrot to Western Europe. There are two distinct sub-species that … Read more

Donkeys Make Great Small-Farm Livestock Guardians

The 120-acre ranch in Red River County, Texas, was an appealing change when Gary Wallace retired after 47 years of teaching and began raising cattle. Unfortunately, the coyotes viewed his calves as a convenient food source. When Wallace contacted his local extension office, the county agent said the federal government could train ranch owners to … Read more

Raise Sheep On Small Farms For Economical Meat

Sheep are the perfect source of red meat for beginning homesteaders. Besides being a safer animal to interact with, their small size makes them manageable and more sustainable on small farms. As a bonus, their meat is known for its tenderness and delicate flavor that is somewhat similar to beef. However, sheep are also known … Read more